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DesignOps Summit


Your organization might have great design talent. But without smart design operations in place, those expensive designers and researchers can’t keep up with the demand. They’re creating things from scratch–over and over again—and duplicating efforts. Senior designers are getting dragged into doing busy work. Production schedules are slipping and design quality is suffering.

To support your designers and scale up your organization’s design capacity, you need to build out your design operations—from setting up onboarding and training programs for building your design team, to creating pattern libraries, design systems, research repositories, and guiding design principles.


The first DesignOps Summit is for design leaders, managers, and practitioners who understand that design organizations can’t scale up design without the support of well-conceived operations. We’ll bring together and learn from leaders who’ve already built design operations at organizations ranging from Pinterest to 18F, and from operations experts from fields outside design.

  • Design Operations Managers and Chiefs of Staff: While you’re already deep into the challenges of DesignOps, the Summit will afford you a rare opportunity to be with your peers. You’ll compare notes, network, and work together to sharpen our understanding of what Design Operations is—and could be.
  • Design Managers and Leaders: For your design organization to truly have an impact, your people need the support of strong operations. The DesignOps Summit will afford you opportunities to learn from the successes and failures of other managers who’ve gotten a head start on DesignOps.
  • Senior Designers and Researchers: Successful design organizations need lots of things to be designed—from pattern libraries to training programs. We’ll explore how practitioners like you are required to design Design Operations.
  • Senior Leaders: You’ve invested heavily in design, and you want to make the most of that investment. At the Summit, you’ll learn how successful organizations have built out their design operations to support their designers and researchers.


We’ve assembled a fantastic speaker line-up and a carefully-constructed program packed with inspiring presentations, practical workshops, collaborative activities, and ample opportunities to network.

But the main reason to attend is you’ll be a part of the first meeting of people who are working hard on making sense of DesignOps and building out design operations. We’re keeping the event intimate and are sticking to a single track. We’ll all be asking and answering questions together in the same time and location.


Our program committee—Abby CovertDave MaloufKristin Skinner, and Lou Rosenfeld—are veteran conference programmers, with the IA Summit, Enterprise UX, Interaction Design Education Summit, and Leading Experience (LX) events to their credit. Rosenfeld Media produces the DesignOps Summit, along with Enterprise UX and numerous virtual conferences. Want to sponsor? We’d be glad to talk; email Michelle Kaplan.