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Webinar REPLAY: Financial KPI's for the Healthy Agency - Are You Really Measuring What Matters Most?

How effective are the financial metrics you're using to gauge the health of your agency? David C. Baker can help. He has been developing agency metrics for 25 years and his approach has been licensed to leading agency software solutions. In this webinar, David will work through the eight significant KPIs to measure consistently at your firm. These ratios come from an intensive, in-depth survey of 900 firms and 159 M/A transactions. 

In addition, you’ll hear about how to analyze your client base and how to correct the utilization/realization errors that plague so many firms. Among the best practices to be covered:

  • Understand the leading (or lagging) indicators of agency performance

  • Uncover three important metrics that gauge your financial security

  • Learn the rule of thumb about setting your principal compensation number