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How Online Proofing Satisfies The Most Difficult Creative Reviewer Types

How Online Proofing Satisfies The Most Difficult Creative Reviewer Types

Each type of reviewer involved in the creative process brings with them a unique set of skills and expertise, as well as their own set of challenges based on the way they work. A client doesn’t have the same needs as an executive, and executives don’t have the same needs as creatives. Left unheeded, small differences in needs can create huge delays in the creative production process.

Getting a better understanding of how individuals in your team and organization work, and working with them when defining your processes and the tools you use to support those processes will go a long way in ensuring everyone can work as efficiently as possible, without hindering the creative process or productivity.

Here, we cover 4 common Reviewer Personas, how they work, and how having the right Online Proofing and Review & Approval tool like ConceptShare can keep work humming along with pristine efficiency because it meets the needs of many.

The Client

In the past it has often been difficult to include customers and other off-site reviewers in the review and approval process, since they normally won’t need to see every iteration, and certainly don’t need to be CC’d on the hundreds of emails flying back and forth between in-house reviewers. However, they do need access to assets for their campaigns, whether they have actionable feedback or just need their curiosity satisfied. The client reviewer likely won’t nitpick, meaning their feedback is often less detail-focused and will be more interested in the “vision” of the asset, often needing clearer follow-up than can be provided through email chains.

We’ve made it easy for clients and external reviewers to provide clear and actionable feedback, eliminating misunderstandings and endless email chains just to get clarity on feedback and change requests. Additionally, clients and external reviewers can be added to ConceptShare reviews without requiring a login, allowing easy access while maintaining the security and content control you need. 

The Multitasker

Every organization has one (or a few!); a marvelous multi-tasking marketing maven, the guru who seems to have a hand in every project that comes up. It can be hard enough for them to get a break long enough to answer emails, let alone setting up phone calls or in person meetings.

With ConceptShare they can review, provide feedback on, and stay up to date on the progress of their campaign assets quickly and easily without needing additional status update meetings, or digging through their email to get stuff done. ConceptShare makes it simple for them to see exactly which reviews they are a part of, with due dates and reminders to keep them on track.

The Earnest Emailer

We all know one, maybe even two (*gasp*): the CC’er, the person whose email is stuck on Reply All, bombarding your inbox and numbing your brain with an email overload. Generally speaking, they just want to make sure they’ve thoroughly reviewed content, feedback is visible to all stakeholders, and everyone is on the same page. Unfortunately, they can often create immensely long email threads that make it difficult to decipher feedback, replies, and discussions over an asset.

By centralizing feedback in one place, creatives don’t have to track down hundreds of separate emails to try and piece together a complete vision, and all reviewers and stakeholders have visibility of everyone’s feedback- no more misunderstandings about what they mean when they say "move that over to the left a bit”, and our earnest emailer can be confident that everyone is on the same page.

The M.I.A. Reviewer

The phantom of creative review, they usually aren’t the primary reviewer - often, they are the executive who’s always on-the-go. Their busy schedule means they may miss emails with vague subject lines that require their attenion, they reply late, … sometimes not at all. They aren’t aware that they’re the bottleneck and it can be impossible to track them down - yet your asset still needs their feedback.

ConceptShare makes it easy to get in front of these reviewers at exactly the time when they’re needed with reminders and alerts to keep the workflow running smoothly. Project Managers can quickly see which reviewers haven’t left their feedback yet and send additional reminders as needed, while reviewers can easily see what requires their feedback, and by when, so assets get the approval they need - on time.

If any of these types of reviewers sound familiar, it’s important to remember they’re not personal problems: at the end of the day, archetypes like these develop, quite simply, because we’re all incredibly busy. By integrating a more efficient review and approval process into your creative operations, you can satisfy all of your reviewers' needs, deliver more content faster, and reduce your overall creative production costs.


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