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We launched the Creative Ops Podcast because we're obsessed with the challenges creative ops professionals are tasked with solving, and we wanted to share all of the things we've been learning over the years. You can listen to full episodes right here or subscribe directly on iTunes so you always catch the latest episode when it airs.


Episode 8 - Getting Your CMO to Give a $#@! About Creative Operations

So, how do you get the CMO to give a $#@! about Creative Operations? How do you find common ground with the executive teams, and continuously prove the value of creative operations? This episode covers what CMO's care about most, and how to get them on board.Host, Nish Patel, responds to a question directly from listeners of the podcast about getting buy-in and support from the CMO (or other executives).


Episode 7 - Ten Creative Ops Resolutions for 2017

Want to have the most productive year yet? This episode is exactly what you need to kick things off in 2017. Host Nish Patel welcomes listeners back with a list of the 10 main goals, or "resolutions" he has heard from in-house creative teams during the Creative Operations Summit in New York in October, and through the dozens of on-site best practices workshops he's run with teams.


Episode 6 - Leaders in Creative Ops: Hoon Kim, AirBnB

Release Sept. 30th, 2016 - Part 6 of the Spotlight on Leaders in Creative Ops - Nish Patel speaks with AirBnB's
Production Manager, Hoon Kim about his experiences working at Pixar, how it gave him the tools to move into his
current role at AirBnB, and how AirBnB approaches creative production by collaborating with marketing and creative
teams to optimize creative production. 

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Episode 5 - Leaders in Creative Ops: Heidi Tuneberg, Best Buy

Release Sept. 26th, 2016 - Part 5 of the Spotlight on Leaders in Creative Ops - Nish Patel talks with Heidi Tuneberg,
Senior Director, US Marketing Creative Operations at Best Buy about her role, and how she leverages agile
methodologies to drive efficiencies and performance in creative production at Best Buy.



Episode 4 - Leaders in Creative Ops: Nicole Alanis, Victoria's Secret

Released Sept. 15, 2016 - In this 2nd part of the Spotlight on Leaders in Creative Ops series Nish Patel talks with
Nicole Alanis of Victoria's Secret to learn how different (or not) it was to move from managing creative production
for B2B companies in Biotech to consumer based retail lingerie, and how creative operations and traffic operations
work together to optimize creative production at Victoria's Secret. 


Episode 3 - Leaders in Creative Ops: Lisa Price, 3M

Released Sept. 7, 2016 - In this "Spotlight on Leaders in Creative Operations" episode, Host Nish Patel
discusses the role of Design Operations at 3M with Lisa Price - Design Operations Director. 


Episode 2 - Creative Ops = The CEO of Creative Production? 

Released Aug 29, 2016 - Host Nish Patel gets into the nitty gritty of the Creative Operations role and shares
his thoughts on why Creative Operations is truly the CEO of creative production.



Episode 1 - Why I Became Obsessed with Creative Operations. 

Released Aug 24, 2016 - Host Nish Patel explores the many facets of Creative Operations - a new, yet quickly
emerging role at the biggest brands in the world. In this inaugural episode, Nish introduces himself, explains why
he even cares about Creative Operations, and shares some anecdotes from the hundreds of discussions he's had
with leaders in the space.


Ask the Experts Live Hangout

August 17, 2016 - We got together with a few of our experts on August 17th for a live webcast where they
tackled the top voted Creative Operations questions submitted by the community.